11-23-13: Happy

Let us live, not for success, but for ourselves. Let us find happiness in the days in which we are only given oppression. Let us abandon the regret, not of reaching for big dreams, but for not reaching higher - and then reach a little bit higher. 

We are here to live because no one knows for certain what comes after. And there is a difference between believing in the afterlife and being there, and none of us have been there. But where have you been?

Have been home to tell your family you love them? Have you been to the top of a hill to watch the sunset, the moon rise, and the stars dance across the sky? Have you taken that trip to the country you’ve dreamt of going to after you finished school, but you were too neck-deep in student loans and just short of being fired from a job you hate, making little (not enough) money and fake friends who, by the way, are only your friends because you share a unified hatred for your boss? Have you been to the beach in the heart of summer when the water is icy blue and the sand is like silk between your toes? Or to the mountains in the heart of winter when the snow caps the tip-top of the peaks, like your favorite baseball team’s hat caps your head on game day? 

There are a lot of places that you’ll forget to go while you’re worried about going nowhere. You can choose to go nowhere if you’d like. Sometimes watching the leaves fall in autumn right in your own backyard can be just as beautiful as seeing it on a road trip to Pennsylvania. Why Pennsylvania? Well why not?

Why not do whatever makes you happy? Live in the moment. Or dream of the future - just make sure you reach for it. Or reminisce the past - just make sure you don’t let it stop you from living or dreaming. Be who, do what, go where you want. And if getting a minimum wage job to pay the bills for a while is what you have to do after your parents stop supporting you because you want to be a writer rather than a doctor, then do it. Your dreams are more important than their lost ones. They’ll forgive you, just like you’ll forgive the guy in apartment 3B for dropping one of your storage boxes, trying to help you move in. He’ll probably ask you to dinner two weeks later when he finally grows a pair like you will when you argue with a publisher while you try to get your manuscript submitted. Your integrity will probably get you another chance, just like you’ll give one to the guy in apartment 3B after your first fight of many - like what color your first kid’s room is going to be - because that publishing deal would make you the happiest person alive…and a New York Time’s Best Selling Author.

You might as well live for making yourself happy, because I can’t think of a better alternative.

"Life is for the living,

So live it,

Or you’re better off dead.”


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